About the “Support Restaurants! Family Dining Coupons (Inshokuten Ouen! Kazoku de Shokuji-ken)”

最終更新日 2021年4月26日

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About the “Support Restaurants! Family DiningCoupons (Inshokuten Ouen! Kazoku de Shokuji-ken)”

Due to the prolonged spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Echizen City will issue “Support Restaurants! Family Dining Coupons.”

Starting in late April, dining coupons will be sent to eligible heads of household via Yu-pack (parcel).

Postal works will deliver them to your home, so please sign for them to receive them.

If you are not at home, a missed delivery notice will be left in your mailbox. Please arrange for re-delivery to receive your coupons as soon as possible.

About the distribution of “Support Restaurants!Family Dining Coupons”

Eligible residents have been sent dining coupons that can be used at eligible restaurants throughout the city.

The list of eligible restaurants can be seen on this website.

Website →https://insyoku-ouen-echizen.com


Please see the following before using:

 ・When you dine at an eligible restaurant, you can get a discount on the cost by using these coupons.

・Coupons are valid until September 30.

 ・No change will be given.

Dining coupon details

10,000 yen worth of dining coupons (500 yen x 20) which can be used at registered restaurants in Echizen City will be issued to each eligible person.

Expiration date: September 30 (dining coupons will be sent by Yu-pack starting in late April)

Eligible people

Those living in Echizen City as of April 1, 2021 who meet the following criteria:

1. Children under the age of 18

2.Those in need of assistance (※the City Council of Social Welfare will inform these people separately.)

Eligible restaurants

Approximately 180 restaurants within the city

※Please see the list of eligible restaurants that will be sent to you with your dining coupons or check the website in late April.

Website →https://insyoku-ouen-echizen.com



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