The “Basic Resident Registration Network System” for foreign residents commenced operation from July 8, 2013.

最終更新日 2018年12月5日

情報発信元 窓口サービス課


The “Basic Resident Registration Network System” is a system that enables nationwide identity verification by putting the Basic Resident Registration on a network in order to increase convenience for residents, etc. For foreign residents, the “Basic Resident Registration Network System” commenced operation from July 8, 2013.

You might have gotten the notification .

  • In accordance with the commencement of operation of the “Basic Resident Registration Network System”, a Resident Record Code was entered in the Resident Record of foreign residents and they have been notified of their Resident Record Code around middle of July, 2013. 
  • The Resident Record Code may be required for some administrative procedures such as receiving a pension, so please keep the Notification of Resident Record Code in a safe and secure location.

    ※If you lose your notification and need to know the Resident Record Code, please apply for reissue at the Citizen’s department.

What will become possible when the “Basic Resident Registration Network System” begins?

  • It is possible for copies of the Resident Record to be issued at municipalities other than your municipality of residence. (Presentation of the ID with your photo such as the “Basic Resident Registration Card” or residence card, etc. will be required.)
  • Foreign residents are eligible to receive a “Basic Resident Registration Card”.

※What is the “Basic Resident Registration Card”?

1.The “Basic Resident Registration Card” is a highly secure IC card and the “Basic Resident Registration Card with Photo” can be used as an official identification.

2.Moving procedures will be simplified when you make Move Out Notification by mail.

3.Online administrative procedure applications that require an electronic certificate for verification of identification such as e-Tax will be possible by storing an electronic certificate of the “Basic Resident Registration Card”. 

4.Furthermore, to enable multipurpose uses in Echizen city for foreign residents, issuing copies of the Resident Record or registered seals by the automatic machine and using this card as a library card will be possible.

※If you have a “Basic Resident Registration Card”, please bring it to City Hall when you submit moving-in/out or change of address notification.


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