Annual Festivals

最終更新日 2010年1月5日

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1 New year’s production of knives at Knife Village
1 New year’s performance of “Echizen Manzai” in Ajimano Shrine
5 New year’s ceremony for paper-making in Utatsu-no-Craftmen Center
  Buring festival of new year’s ornaments in Okafuto Shrine


3 “Setsubun”, the eve of the beginning of spring
9 Town festival in Okafuto Shrine
11 “Oraishi”, celebration of Keitai’s accession to emperor in Okafuto Shrine
17 “Gobo-ko”,burdocks-eatingmeeting


  “Hana-gatami Festival”, festival of cherry blossoms in Kakyo Park
  Festival of cherry blossoms in Taiyo-no-Hiroba
18 Broom Festival to drive away evils in Goko Shrine


3 Wisteria Festival in Shikiibu Park
3 “Manyo Tea Ceremony” in Ajimano-en
3-4 “Manyo Festival” in Ajimano-en
3-5 Paper-making Festivval in Okafuto Shrine and Otaki Shrine
8-15 “Osuna-fumi”,Sand-Worshipping Ceremony in Kokubunji Temple


1 “Chi-no-wa Kuguri”, ceremony of driving away evils in Soja Shrine
15 “Mitama-Matsuri”, festival for comforting ancestors’ spirits at Kongoji Temple
  Festival of Mt. Hino in Hino Shrine
30 “Kawassan Fair” in Hosyunji Temple


6 Star festival in Shinbo cho
14-15 Summer festival in Echizen city
15 Fire festival in Mt. Onigadake
27-28 “O-yori”, great ceremony in Goshoji Temple


  International Music Festival
  Soja Festival in Soja Shrine
  Parade of portable shrines in downtown
  Industry exhibition in Sun Dome Fukui
  Opening of chestnut gardens in Kurokawa cho
  “Shishi-gaeshi”, lions’ trick or treat in Minami Nakayama District


  Chrysanthemun Doll Festival in Chuo Park
  Kojiro Festival in Kojiro Park
  Paper-making Festival in Otaki Shrine
  “Do-no-machi”, mochi parade in Otaki Shrine
  Genji Tale Academy in the Citycultural center


3 City marathon
5 Festival of Mt. Kinka
  Festival of red leaves in Kakyo Park


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