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Echizen Japanese Paper

We are proud of this paper’s history and high quality. We regularly use it in our daily life as well as in formal documents.

Echizen Cutlery

This cutlery is produced through a process that uses fire.

Echizen chest of Drawers

This chest of drawers is delicate and simple in design. The ornamental metal fittings are especially beautiful. They are handcrafted with the traditional skills used in producing Echizen cutlery.

Echizen Buckwheat Noodles (oroshi soba)

These noodles are served only with grated radish and sauce, but the taste is wonderful. This is one of the most delicious foods in Echizen.

Habutae maki

Sweet bean paste and rice cake covered with sponge cake

Manshou Beans


Local sake


Sweet bean jelly, eaten only in winter

Baigetsu senbei

Rice cracker dusted with sugar


Takefu Exit of the Hokuriku Highway

7 hours from Tokyo
2 hours from Nagoya
3 hours from Osaka

JR Takefu Station

3 hours 20 minutes from Tokyo by bullet train (Shinkansen)
1 hour 50 minutes from Nagoya by limited express
1 hour 40 minutes from Osaka by limited express

Information Service

City Office for Promoting Tourism

Tel: 0778-22-3007
Address: 915-8530
1-13-1 Fuchu, Echizen City, Fukui

Takefu Tourism Association

Tel: 0778-23-2020
Address: 915-8522
101 Tsuka machi, Echizen City, Fukui

City Information Center for Tourists

Tel: 0778-24-0655
Address: 915-0071
1 chome, Fuchu, Echizen City, Fukui


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